Your Friends

To all your friends i feel like im the different one i feel like im acting like a child And also i feel jealous Im jealous on the way you limit me on cigarettes instead of your brads and sis you can let them get sticks on how many they can get Im jealous on the way you call them on the phone when you want to meet them and you can talk to them for an hour like a bestfriends did While me im doing all the effort to see youu even if my parents didnt know where am i going ? And im always the one calling chatting to you when i want to talk to you. On the way you can talk to your Im jealous on the way they were beautiful clean woman and matured because they can say too many words or beauty advice for you especially when your picking up your clothes to wear on a day Im sorry im not that kind of woman because me myself im just trying to fix my self to be matured one so i can relate to you sometimes so you dont have to limit me from the things im doing and i can help you choose you can wear on a day Im jealous to ur brads and sis because you can tell alot stories to them even some privacy things thats why i feel sometimes i just respect your privacy with your brads and listen some music on my phone Im jealous on your pharma friends because when im with you you were always serious and you wont talk to me you just chatting people on your messenger and i find out that you wont notice me Im jealous on your friends because they can fight for you because they were strong independent women I dont know why im feeling this way but i just think maybe its the effect of nicotine that i smoke Or maybe its the way ifeel