my wish

sana makita ko ulit ang baguio pero sa ngayon nalulungkot ako sa school tuwing pumupunta ako ng mall sa sm marikina si daddy binigyan nya si Gabby ng candy umiyak ako noon ksi namiss ko sla i wish sana pumunta ako sa baguio miss them so much take care always


Ysabel July 26, 2010 at 3:13 AM  

My dearest bestfriend,
Everybody has a wish that they want to come true..even if those wishes are not the same as yours, they are still wishes.If you work very hard, you will suceed in a lot of things and maybe,depending on your wish, your wish will come true.Because if you do a good deed (according to my mom), God will reward you in seven ways.So think about it and you will see a better day ahead..

ur favorite cousin,

P.S: Hi! :)